Research Report

During my work as a physician in psychiatry, I always asked myself what might be the cause of psychosis - schizophrenia. Till this day, medical science has been unable to answer this question.

In the Yoga school which I visited and in the Waldorf school which my children attended, I heard it being said that a person would have more than one body. In addition to the solid body that we can touch, there would also be a series of subtile and spiritual bodies. Similar to an ice cube, which is full of water that no one really sees, our subtile and spiritual bodies would be inside our solid body. There would be several of them, with each of our subtile and spiritual bodies expanding somewhat beyond our solid body. There would be some - albeit very few - persons who could see these bodies. One of those bodies would contain our energy, our senses and feelings - the Energybody, another one our emotions, the one after that our intellect - the Mental body and the last one our spirituality. At first, this sounded rather weird to me. The more I asked myself what the cause of psychosis might be, the more I started to ponder this strange story about the different types of fine bodies.

Once, while meditating, this question came to my mind again, and suddenly I saw an image in front of me of a person's fine bodies rising up and moving away to the side. In my mind, I saw a picture of one of my patients with his fine body hanging far above him. While meditating this inner image, I saw a huge rage in my patient's stomach, so huge that he was afraid of it and had escaped, together with his fine body, from his solid body.

Later, I received as a present a book called "recovery begins in the invisible", which was by then out of print. A french physician describes her feelings after her mother's death, whom she had been treating herself: "There must be some more". In her search for the truth, she came to Toni Agpaoa, a well-known Philippino healer. There, she learnded to feel the fine body and how to use this in therapy. In her book, she reports of a woman who had a traffic accident in which her car overturned many times.

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